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1695 Washington Ave
Bronx, NY, 10457

Sabbath School         9:30am
Divine Worship        11:00am
Bible Class                3:30pm
Adventist Youth         4:30pm
Senior Tuesday          10am -1:00pm
   SALT Ministry

Mid-week Praise

& Worship Service      7:00pm


 Pastor Kendall Guy will speak January-03-15 
Pastor Kendall Guy will speak January-03-15 click for bulletin details



Elders and deacons assist pastors in the work of the church. In the SDA Church, deacons play an active role which allows the pastor freedom to take care of pressing matters in the congregation. Deacons are elected and ordained to their position in the church as are the church elders.  They are responsible for these and other duties:

  1. Communion Service
  2. They are responsible for the care and maintenance of church property
  3. Deacons visit the sick. They pray with them and offer encouragement
  4. Deacons often identify those who are needy in the church community.  Often provide funds from the church treasury.
  5. Deacons make sure towels are provided for baptismal candidates. They assist the candidates in and out of the baptisimal pool.

We see our mission as deacons to develop our spiritual ability for more useful service to God, our church and our community

GOALS of the DEACON BOARD for 2014:    

  • To work with the pastor and officers of the church in order to help foster harmonious relationships throughout the congregation
  • To properly maintain God's house of worship with dignity and respect
  • To have a personal relationship with each member of the congregation to better serve them.

OUR OBJECTIVES for 2014-2015

  • Encourage the membership to participate in the organizational aspects of the church
  • Provide an example of consistent tithing to the church by our committment to stewardship.
  • Establish personal evangelism through a strong visitation program to the sick and shut-in members of our church
  • Develop strategies to maintain the cleanliness and upkeep of the church property (and to keep the church safe for everyone)
  • Develop a program where each family member in the church has a Deacon assigned to them as spiritual leaders. This deacon will pray, advise and assist with the spiritual, and personal needs of the family.


Deacon and Deaconess Day, October, 2014 (exact day TBA)


Deacons Team

Deacons Lyndon Williams
Lyndon Williams

Asst - Leslie Thom

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