Bronx SDA Church

Blessed by God to be a Blessing to Others

Adventist Youth Ministries


The Bronx Church is 'home of the 2004 North American Division Adult Bible Bowl Team; and we are once again prepping for a championship trophy for 2021! At the Bronx Seventh-day Adventist Church, we believe that reading the Bible is an important part of life and have developed a thriving Bible Bowl

Ministry (ages 6 and above) which is intended to encourage menbers of the Church to study the Word of God and to find enjoyment while doing so. After not competing for several years, in 2005 we once again ventured into the competition with junior and senior teams. In 2011, we entered with five teams and our adult team, not only won the Conference championship, but went on to win the National Championship in their division.  

The AY Department is committed to leading young people to Christ, that's our goal and our mission. The leadership, along with the sponsors realize that only when you are connected to Christ does peace, joy, contentment, fulfillment and happiness become part of one's life. And we are committed to sharing this realization with other young people.

This department believes that bible study, social christian-interaction and church involvement help to strengthen the spiritual stamina and development necessary to prepare our young people for service in this world and the joys and privileges of the world to come in a way that no other combination can.

The home, the church and the school is the triad from which all decisions and actions emanate. Consequently, Mitch and his counsel are absolutely committed to upholding the church's influence.


Christian socialization is evident by the church support given to our basketball teams,  youth retreats, summer camp sponsorships, etc. We encourage the pursuit of bible knowledge by sponsoring several teams to the annual Bible Bowl competitions. Several youth days and other activities are scheduled throughout the year to promote church involvement.

We revamped FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE into SPOKEN WORD Cafe for 2018 which was well received. With the leadership and staff for 2020, AYM will take on new energy, new direction and promises to be what our urban young people need to help motivate them into service to the community and to the Church.   Service will be the new watch word for 2020 and great things are anticipated in the Bronx area.   

Pastor Sirius Taylor, Leader

Assistants:  Xavier Griffith, Blessing Igbinomwanhia, Donnett, Igbinomwanhia.  Sponsors:  Pastor Aaron Chancy, Pastor Roy Bartley and Tammalee Rodriguez