Bronx SDA Church

Blessed by God to be a Blessing to Others

Sabbath School

Division Leaders

  • ADULT/YOUTH: Siloane Glasgow, Elder James Brown, Barry C. Thomas, Florence Richards, Joan Griffith, Rick Requena
  • JUNIOR/EARLITEEN:  Audrey Coulibaly
  • PRIMARY:  Joy Daley, Dionne Rockhead  
  • CRADLE ROLL/KINDERGARTEN: Janea Balcarran, Geraldine Francis, Carmen Hall, Sophia Ajayi, Sydie Requenal

The Sabbath School is built on small groups sitting together, discussing the lessons studied during the week. This scenario affords the students opportunity to exchange ideas, share insights, ask questions and ultimately make that needed connection to the Almighty, recommitted and reconsecrated for the tasks ahead. This interaction is one of the fundamentals of the Sabbath School, and certainly a highlight of the Sabbath hours..

The Sabbath School provides for children as well as adults. The lessons and Sabbath School programming are prepared for each age group - infants, adolescents, youth and adults (and even more specific catergories, i.e. college-aged, earliteens, etc.


Head Secretary:  AMELIA HUGHES;  Asst. Jean Henry