Bronx SDA Church

Blessed by God to be a Blessing to Others

Elder Board

Our present elder board has nearly one hundred sixty years of experience in service to the Bronx Church. The elders are a representative group of committed and dedicated individuals in claiming lost souls and doing the will of God. They vary in age and background but are all focused on expanding the kingdom of God by supporting the pastors in their ministry and being equally emerged in serving the membership and the ministries of the church.

"UNITY is our goal for 2020/2021 among ourselves and then for the membership. We believe being unified in purpose and mission makes us better prepared to be disciples of our Savior and Lord", says Elder Igbinomwanhia.

The ELDER Board consists of:




BLESSING IGBINOMWANHIA, Head Elder:  The Bronx Church membership believes that "Elder Blessing's" steps were ordered by God and sent him to us deliberately (not by chance).  His youthfulness belies his dedication and commitment to his faithfulness to the Word of God. The Bronx Church treasures his leadership as a former SS superintendent, well-studied SS teacher, Prayer Ministries director and Head Elder. His love for Christ is evident in everything he does.


JAMES B. BROWN has been a member of the Bronx Church since the mid-sixties.  He’s served in every capacity of church work and is presently the Religious Liberty Director as well as a Sabbath School teacher and (unofficially) Bronx Church historian. A man of integrity and loyalty to the doctrines of the SDA Church mission.  A genuine lover of people and makes everyone he meets welcome and valued.


PERSHARD MOHAMMED was asked to join the Elder Board in service.  Elder Mohammed has attended the Bronx Church for a number of years and enjoyed participating and teaching in the Sabbath School but decided that 2020 was the year he felt the call on his life to serve God on a wider plane.  Dedicated and dutiful describes Elder Mohammed.


KARL ROCKHEAD - one of the newer additions to the Elder Board and has shown proven to be committed, sincere and faithful. Elder Rockhead is husband to one of our deaconesses, father to two church-active teens. He felt the calling on his life to be of service to the Bronx Church membership, in service to the community and then to serve his precious God who is the master of his life. 


ULA FERGUSON – has been a member of the Bronx Church since the mid 90’s. She joined the Bronc Church and been active since day 1. Her passions are prayer and young people. Serving as both Pathfinder leader and prayer warrior with fervor, dedication and commitment makes her a champion in God’s army.  Mom to more than just her three children, Sis Ferguson additionally accepted the call to serve God as an elder at the Bronx Church… and to that we say Amen.

  TREVOR McLEAN - has been a member of the Bronx Church for over forty years. Much of his participation and contribution have been in an advisory capacity on committees, in legal matters, contractual issues, as a church representative, community rep. and on various boards. A lover of history, with a keen interest in prophecy makes him an informed SS teacher where he has served for 25+ continuous years. Serves the Sanctuary Choir as a valued soloist/tenor -.and has been a valued elder for nearly 15 years and takes his responsibilities of service very seriously.

CAROL WILLIAMS – began her service as an elder in the Bronx Church in 2019. Her reputation as a dedicated elder in another SDA Church preceded her upon joining the Bronx Church family. The Bronx Church membership is grateful for  her service, fellowship and appreciates the contribution she’s made in such a short while  Her reverence and commitment to enhancing the worship service is evident in her platform acumen. 


WAYNE MORRIS - An elder for five years plus.  A Bronx Church member for over 30 years. He's steadfast and dependable. Sabbath School teacher, has served as Asst. SS Superintendent, deacon  and Building Committee member. Husband, father, friend, Bible Bowl participant, Choir member, chorister,  quartet member simply denotes his varied interests in Church work and now serves us well as a devout elder.


ANTONIO WILLIAMS – is the husband of Elder Carol Williams and together they make a wonderful team in serving as elders at the Bronx Church. Elder Antonio Williams accepted the call on his life with humility to serve God in the capacity of an elder. He’s a kind, compassionate individual with a concern about community involvement, service ministries and family relations


DOROTHY GRAHAM - Bronx Church member for nearly 20+ years, has served as SS teacher, personal ministries associate, prayer warrior and Deaconess. Respected and regaled by ALL members - young and old alike.



Because of their long-standing faithfulness and dedication to the position of elder yet  due to health reasons and their inability to fulfill and carry out the duties of the office to its fullest, they have accepted to be "honorary" elders for 2020 and 2021